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Monday, June 30, 2008

20 Years

20 Years ago...
1. I was 8 years old.
2. Had just spent the best week of my life (up until that time) with my cousin from Guam, that I just met!!
3. Had collected every McDonald's happy meal toy from the transformer series.

10 Years ago...
1. I was 18 years old.
2. Had Graduated from Kamehameha Schools.
3. But got a job at McDonald's and started school at Leeward Community College

5 Years ago...
1. I was 23 years old.
2. Started my Bachelor's program at the University of Hawaii West Oahu
3. Just started my first job with the City and County of Honolulu.

3 Years ago...
1. I was 25 years old.
2. Received my Bachelors Degree in Public Administration from UH West Oahu
3. Started my MBA at Chaminade University

1 Year ago...
1. I completed my MBA!!
2. Started as a Real Property Appraiser with the C&C.
3. Started dancing hula and met one of the coolest people I know...Miranda!

So far this year I...
1. Have had BOTH of our cars break down! (Whats the odds?!?!)
2. Got a promotion at work!
3. Attended my 10 year class reunion.

Yesterday I...
1. Went to church and had 15 kids under the age of 3 in my nursery!!
2. Had our little car fixed by my hubby and bro-in-law. (THANKS JUSTIN!!)
3. ATE PIZZA...I can't remember the last time I had pizza!

Today I...
1. Rode in a tow truck for the very first time! (Towed my Expedition to the shop!)
2. Had lunch with my sister Malia and nephew Blaze.
3. Watched a History channel special on Hitler.

Tomorrow I...
1. Go to work and take on some taxpayers at Board of Review.
2. Have dance practice.
3. Will probably pick up some groceries from Costco

In the next year I...
1. Hopefully have a baby.
2. Hopefully buy a car.
3. Hopefully pay off our credit card bill!!

I tag...Xeyli, ADT, Juan_E, Moogooguypan, and Tiffany

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tanaka of Tokyo

My birthday was earlier this month...I turned 28. For me there are "big" birthdays and then regular birthdays. Of course when you're younger all birthdays are BIG...but as you get older I think there are biggies...16, 18, 21, 25, 30...and then every 5 years. Not so say you shouldn't celebrate every birthday...but for me the huge hubbubs are reserved for the biggies. So one of my oldest friends was on a trip the day of my birthday, but she still wanted to celebrate with me! So she decided we'd have dinner at Tanka of Tokyo.

Tanaka of Tokyo opened its newest location at the Ala Moana Shopping Center earlier this month.

The idea of Tanaka of Tokyo is teppanyaki style cooking. Steak and seafood is prepared on a table top grill, while patrons sit around this grill. All meals come with salad, miso soup, a grilled shrimp appetizer, pickled vegetables, grilled teppanyaki veggies, and rice.
The had a weird dressing, but was good.
Standard Miso soup...nuttin' special.
Rice and veggies.
Okay...first things first. Tanaka of Tokyo does not serve sushi! The closest thing to sushi is some seared ahi appetizer, but everything else is cooked. Thinking I was going to have some sushi...I really didn't know what to order. Malinda ordered the Lobster Tail, which was like $40. It came with all of the above and the lobster. Emily came along and ordered the Salmon.
The salmon dish came with all the above. It cost around $28. It was pretty good. Basically just a grilled salmon with some lemon juice and a whole bunch of garlic. So I still had no idea what I wanted to order. Malinda took it upon herself to order me the Shogun. A $60 entree, yes, you read hat correctly! $60!! It included a select choice Tenderloin, Whole Lobster Tail, and deep sea scallops.

Here's the lobster and deep sea scallops.

And with the tenderloin steak. It was a good meal, but I thought it was a bit overpriced. Here's our teppanyaki chef, Jonah.
He had some pretty unreal knife skills and was a pretty funny guy too! Check out his grillin' skills!

Wow'n us with some fire!

He stacked these onions and made a "volcano" after the fire died down he poured shoyu in the middle. It started to bubble and boil and it looked like lava!

The lobster tails, salmon, and some scallops.
All meals includ your choice of chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, coffee, and green tea ice cream. Suprisingly I enjoy myself some green tea ice cream. It was a nice dinner...not sure if I'd go back. It was pretty pricey, but so nice to hang out with Malinda.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our own little traffic jam...

I'm so lucky because I live just a 10 minute drive or a 20 minute bus ride from work. I used to work near the airport and on a "good" day it would take about 40 minutes to get to I was and am VERY thankful to get this job just down the street from my house! So for over a year and a half I've sorta stopped paying attention to the morning traffic reports. You can imagine my surprise when I heard there was a water main break on my street!! It wasn't a huge inconvenience...I still had water at my house, and cars could still come in and out of our street, but they had to contra-flow the lane and as such the bus didn't fit and I missed it. Luckily I was able to get to the next stop before the second bus drove off. Check it out...

The hole was huge!! I talked to one of the BWS guys and he said the crack in the pipe was nearly 2 feet long!! Holy cow!! And it busted just because it was old...that sucks!

All these trucks created quite a frenzy on our normally quiet road. The Board of Water Supply guys were working on the break and the hole for about 15 hours! Just a little something out of the ordinary on my street!!


I'm new to blogger!! I have a few friends that blog here, but this is my first post on Blogspot. I've been blogging on VOX for nearly a year, but thought I'd try something new. Part of me wants to import all my old blogs from VOX but that'd be close to 2oo and I don't know if I wanna do I'm thinking I might just link them when I want to refer back to them...I dunno...maybe you'll see them appear here one day!!

Can't wait to get going!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Should I take it back?? And do I even want to??

Have you ever said something and didn't realize it was offensive and then the person you said it to got upset about it??? Well that happened between me and the hubby yesterday. He was telling me a story and I characterized him and the group of people he was talking, it wasn't racial...and he got upset. I was annoyed and hung up with him. We then didn't talk the rest of the day...then when he came home, he didn't so much as even say hello. Made himself some dinner...even washed some of his clothes. I had already forgotten about the situation, but of course, I wasn't the one offended. So I asked him, "Whats with you?" He tells me, "nothing."

Okay...I try to go to sleep and its buggin' me that his @$$ can fall asleep no problem at all and here I am lying awake wondering what the heck did I do! So I wake him up and ask him what the hell is going on...again, he tells me, "nothing." So I press somemore and he goes back to the conversation we had about 11 hours previous.

Now I realize that what I said is offensive. Initially I looked at it as a statement of fact...which in my defense it still is a fact...but it's one of those facts that maybe you don't want to admit or have someone else admit it for you. So here we are a day later and I've decided that I'm annoyed with him too! And while I recognize that I've offended him, right now I'm not sorry. He could've dealt with this in a better way...but since he chose to act like a child I'm jumpin' on the kiddie train with him!

After all...why do I always have to be the adult! Nananana boo boo!