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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 years of marriage

You know you've had a blog for awhile when you have repeat milestone posts! I've already blogged about my 7th and 8th wedding anniversaries and it just seems weird to!! But this year makes 9...9 years of being married to my best friend and eternal companion! And like with the last 2 years, I've looked up traditional and modern gifts for year #9...mostly cuz it's funny! So what are we supposed to be buying each other this year?

Traditional: Pottery and Willow; Modern: Pottery; Alternate Modern: Leather

Pottery? What exactly is Willow? All the searches I did for willow came up with picnic baskets...maybe I'll be funny and pick up the Willow movie? That's got a special place in his heart!! LoL!! And leather...that can be a bit risque! But I have a leather watch from Fossil that I wouldn't mind getting another!! But we don't normally exchange gifts for our anniversary...however I have requested for my 10 year I get a new diamond ring and diamonds are the "modern gift" for a 10 year, so we'll see next year if it all goes according to plan!

But after the last year, material gifts are really that important to me. So here's 9 reasons why I'm so happy to be married to Taei for 9 years:

1- He's fun!! He's laid back, easy going, and does what I say! LoL!! But when we take trips he's open to whatever. In the last year we've gone on hikes, took days off to go to the beach, did a few community runs and while not always my ideal type of event, having Taei by my side always makes it fun!

2- He's humble. Taei doesn't ask for much. Of course he LOVES his shoes and he's always cleaning our car, but other than that he doesn't require much maintenance! He'll eat cereal for dinner everyday without ever complaining! Every time we eat no matter where, who makes it, or what he'll always end the meal by saying, "thank you for the food." He didn't grow up with much and because of that he's SUPER content with what he has!

3- He's strong. Not just physically, but emotionally, and spiritually too! He has an aura about him that so many people tell me he's just a nice guy! But physically he impresses me everytiime! And he's always willing to slow himself down to help me out and that makes me feel special!

4- He's patient. I've said this before and about a million times over, but it's true. He's SOOO patient!! I'm not easy to live with and yet he does it and never complains! He's really slow to anger, so if you see him mad, it took a lot to get him there!

5- He's interesting. Most people don't hear him talk much, but he does. In fact non-stop when you're trying to watch something on tv! But he's traveled more than I have and he's got life experience that I still don't have. He got literally start a fire with 2 sticks and some kindling and I find that amazing! Every once in awhile he'll spit out some fact about whales or trees that I never knew all because he loves watching the discovery channel!

6- He's trustworthy. I've never heard him gossip. If you tell him something in confidence, he really won't tell anyone, even me!! And I'll admit I share EVERYTHING with him, but he's neve repeated it to anyone else. You could give him a wad of cash and every last dollar will still be there when you get back!

7- He can eat! And eat and eat and never gain weight! But what's best is considering I never cooked a whole lot growing up, he'll eat whatever I make even if I don't want to and always tell me it tasts good! LoL!

8- He's respectful. To just about everyone...even when they don't really deserve it. I have seen him lose it on occassion, but for the most part he's always resepctful.

9- He loves me...the real me that no one else knows. Even with my impatience, my yelling, my throwing of things, my flaws, my shortcomings...he loves me!

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Ivy said...

Congrats on 9 years of marriage! Time goes by so fast. Your hubby sounds a lot like my hubby. It's so wonderful when you find that person who is your perfect match, who loves you unconditionally, and is going to be with you forever. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary, and many more to come!