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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy weekend! Part 2

Sunday is church day and there was A LOT going on! In November 2008 I was called to serve as the Stake Relief Society Secretary. Let me explain a few things...

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all church work is done voluntarily. We do not receive pay or compensation for serving in the church. The church does have an administrative side where employees are paid and compensated just like any other regular job, but this part of the church supports other things such as church published magazines, church welfare, and other church business. But the religous component is all done for love and faith.

Relief Society is the organization of Women within the Church. We meet on Sundays as well as during the week and for other events. The main mission of the Relief Society is to provide charity for those in need. This is not limited to church members and often our service projects help elderly centers, homeless shelters, foodbanks, disaster relief, and many other causes.

Our church is organized geographically. A "ward" is a group living with certain boundaries. The times you attend church is determined by what "ward" you live in. A "stake" is a group of wards, normally 7-8 wards make up a stake. For example I am in Makakilo Ward because of where I live in Makakilo and I belong to the Makakilo Hawaii Stake which encompasses the entire leeward side of Oahu starting in Makakilo/Kapolei, clear to the end of Makaha.

So as a Stake Relief Society Secretary, I worked along side three other sisters to help train and coordinate events for the 8 wards living within our Makakilo Hawaii Stake boundaries.

But this past Sunday MANY changes occurred. I was very happy serving as the Stake RS Secretary. I really enjoyed the Sisters that I worked with and have had the chance to learn much from them and many new people I met in this capacity, but our Heavenly Father sees the big picture and had other plans in mind. So I was released from my call and extended a new calling as the Makakilo Ward Young Womens President. Let me explain again...

The Young Womens program within the Church is designed to help teach girls between the ages of 12-18 about gospel principles along with church dress standards and preparation for college, marriage, and working after high school. We have many activities for the youth that I grew up with myself including dances, youth conferences, and camp. I am VERY, VERY nervous about this calling. I had EXCELLENT leaders growing up and don't believe I come anywhere near these wonderful ladies, so it's a little nerveracking to think that I'm someone else's leader! But I want to serve my Heavenly Father faithfully and that is what I'll do!

Afterwards, Taei and I took our nephew to the 2010 First Hawaiian Bank Auto show. It's something we do every year because it doesn't cost much and we get to see all the latest model cars for many of the manufacturers and also some custom cars from various car clubs on the island.

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